Racking Inspections

Professional Pallet Racking Inspections in Ireland

Yearly and half-yearly formal inspections can be carried out by suitably qualified G-Mack personnel who are fully trained in the identification of racking damage.  High usage stores may require a more regular inspection.

Damaged racks which remain undetected can result in serious injury to your personnel or visitors, and severe loss or damage to your stock, to your building and to your ability to carry out your business.

G-Mack performs regular formal inspections using our experienced racking professionals on request and by arrangement. We carry full employers & public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Avoid Workplace Accidents

Regular racking inspections contribute to the safety of the workplace and are recommended to keep the racking systems in safe condition year in year out. We provide items like Safety Mesh Screens to further enhance employee safety.

Minimise Stock Damages

A well maintained racking system allows your business to work to maximum efficiency with fewer damage related delays. Less damage leads to fewer breakage claims and less paperwork for you!

Spot Potential Problems

Regular racking inspections not only highlight damages but can identify areas where potential damage is likely to occur. Run Spacers, Rack End Protectors, Racking Signs and Guide Rails may be recommended where they are missing or damaged.

Fast Remedial Action

In the cases where we identify damaged or dangerous rack elements, G-Mack can arrange fast remedial action to replace the damaged item, or provide a quotation to install safety measures quickly.

Is Your System Regularly Inspected ?

We provide a damage assessment service

Generally three degrees of damage will exist as follows:

Red – items which are severely damaged and beyond the limitations of the SEMA code.  These items should be off-loaded immediately.

Orange items that are damaged beyond the SEMA code but not sufficiently serious to warrant immediate off-loading of the rack.

Green – items which are damaged but are within the SEMA code of practice

Regular inspections to find damaged or dangerous racks

Get in touch us if you would like to hear more about or professional pallet racking inspection services. We can arrange to have an experienced installation technician at your site to assess your system quickly.