Industrial Partitions to suit factory, warehouse and storage environments.

Whether you are trying to create a bonded area, a clean room, a warehouse office or a secure storage area we have the solution.

  • Single Skin Steel Partitioning

  • Double Skin Steel Partitioning

  • Clean Room Applications

  • Mesh Enclosures

  • Anti Collapse Pallet Racking Safety Screens & Mesh Decking

  • An extended variety of heights, widths & finishes available

Suppliers of Troax Steel Partitioning

Titan partitioning


TITANCR-2 is a high quality double skin steel partitioning ideal for clean-room applications.

Industrial partitioning


Elan is a high quality double skin partitioning system for offices and warehouse factory applications.

Industrial partitioning Bastion


Bastion is a single skin partitioning ideal for cost-effective enclosures of superior strength and stability.

Industrial partitioning sigma


Sigma is a single skin steel partitioning system ideal for factory and warehouse environments.

scudo welding screen


A freestanding and portable partition system for separating welding areas.

Troax MHL Caelum


The Caelum partitioning system is ideal for sub-dividing storage areas, creating secure storage for hazardous and / or high value goods, bonded storage, or for segregating electrical controls.

Troax MHL musca


Steel anti collapse mesh mounted to the back of pallet racks to avoid accidents from falling products.