Designed to maximise storage capacity accessibility, and presentation of “long” or irregular items such as Timber; Steel; Aluminium and Plastics etc.

The cantilever racking system is particularly effective for the storage of long items such as metal, wood, plastic etc. with varied dimensions. It is also useful, when fitted with shelving, to store unusual items like furniture and domestic appliances. The Cantilever Racking is made from cold-formed sheet steel and designed to meet the most stringent European regulations, in regard to safety, durability and quality. The standard finishes are a high quality epoxy polyester powder coating for internal use and hot-galvanising, which is recommended for external applications. The Cantilever Racking can be built with a roof and side cladding elements. Furthermore the structure can be used for multi-tier applications if required.

Cantilever racks are custom made from basic designs, to specifically match the customers immediate applications – Product stored, Space available, Handling facilities and long term possibilities & the arms are height adjustable to suit your storage needs.