Racking accessories and safety features

1. Run Spacer

Used to maintain a fixed parallel safety clearance between double sided runs of racking.

2. Bolted Joining Unit

Connects frames vertically and ensures strength is fully maintained at the joints.  Allows beams to be located across the joint.

3. Wall Tie

Allows frames to be fixed to a wall for additional stability, and maintains a safety clearance between the racking and the wall.

4. Frame Footplates

Essential for stability, allow racking to be bolted to the floor.  Four duties available to complement the four XL frame types.

5. Pallet Foot Support

Used in pairs across the beams, to support box or caged pallets which have corner posts, skids or feet.

6. Drum Chock

Locates on the front beam, and cradles one end of a drum or barrel.  Prevents lateral rolling of drums or cylindrical items.

7. Coil Cradle

Spans beams to provide location and support for coiled materials – metal strip, for example – or other cylindrical items.

8. Fork Spacer

Used in pairs across beams to provide fork entry spaces.  Provides support for and access to non-palletised loads.

9. Steel Shelf Panel

Panels span a pair of beams to provide wide-bay steel shelving.  Made from pre-galvanised steel.

10. Profile Shelf Panel

Provides wide bay steel shelving.  The corrugated profile enhances loading capability.  Made from pre-galvanised steel.

11. Shelf Support

Fitted to step beams, to provide additional support and greater loading capacity for chipboard shelving.

12. Shelf Support

Fitted to box beams, provides support and greater load capacity for shelving.  Cladding location bracket also shown.

13. Upright Protectors

Protect the lower section of uprights against fork truck collision damage.

14. Rack End Protector

Provides protection to the end of racking.  Available also as a barrier rail (with support posts) to protect equipment and walkways.

15. Racking Signs

Clearly display caution and loading/safety information relating to racking usage and conform with SEMA guidelines.

16. Guide Rails

Allow safe and accurate guidance for trucks operating within racking, particularly in drive-in or narrow aisle applications.

17. Sprinkler Systems

Can be fitted throughout the racking structure for fire protection.

18. Frame Cladding

Can be fitted, depending on the application.

19. Safety Mesh Screens

Fitted for safety, and the security of palletised loads. Often fitted where a walk-way or working area is adjacent to racking.

20. P&D Stations

Pick and Deposit (P&D) stations are used at the end of racks to assist in load handling between fixed aisle and other trucks.