G-Mack supply market leading Flowstore flowrack systems to the Irish market.

Flowstore LS2 is a boltless live storage system that meets customer criteria to the full. Cartons, bins, tote boxes, trays and unpacked individual items can be efficiently stored and handled. The system can be integrated with conveyor and computer order picking systems.

Providing high density storage, Flowstore systems use the inexhaustible free power of gravity to store and transport goods from the restocking area to the picking area effortlessly, silently and inexpensively. No power source is needed and picking is simplified because as each carton is taken from the picking face, so the next carton moves forward automatically to fill its space.

High density cubic storage.
Space saving of up to 30% compared to shelving systems.

Up to 75% reduction in distances travelled by operatives.
Pick rated up to 3 times faster.

Separate loading and picking faces.
Stock automatically presented ‘ready to pick’.
No congestion as restockers and pickers
Never impede one another.

Less operative fatigue.
No risk from fork-lift truck and picker collision.
Ergonomic design assists in meeting health and safety
Recommendations for manual handling.

Improved stock control.
Easy monitoring of lane capacity.
First in/first out system.